The club is pleased to announce the highly anticipated FIFA 15 tournament.

When: Friday May 22nd @ 7PM

Where: Mawson Lakes Club Rooms, Mawson Lakes Oval

Entry Fee: $30 per player

Prizes: Over $1000 worth of prizes!

The club will be providing food on the night (included) and drinks will be available to purchase.


Clubs will be allocated at the start of the night from a pool of up to 32 teams. Allocation is based on the highest cash bidder for for that team.

The tournament follows the following format:

Step 1: Groups Stage – Groups of 4 compete against each other in round robin format being awarded 3 Points for a win and 1 Points for a draw.

Top two teams qualify for Step 2 The top two teams are those with the highest point tally, then best goal difference, in the event of a tie, a tiebreaker will be played.

Step 2: Playoff – single elimination bracket.
Teams who win their group will play against teams who finish second.
The winner of the match advances to the next round of the bracket.
The losers of the semi-finals play each other in a 3rd place playoff.

The following game rules will be used:

Mode: Exhibition
Level: World class
Team : Club
Half Length: 4 min
All other settings left as defaults, default squads from release used.

No subs except injury’s.

Event of a draw in brackets will result in golden goal followed by penalty shoot out.

Game Glitches before 70th minute forces replay game, after 70th result stands.

A mixture of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles will be used, games will be rotated between the different consoles.

The final will be played on which ever platform the winner of a coin toss prefers.

Mario Kart 8 Time Trial Tournament

Mode: Time Trial

Kart: Standard Kart

Racer: Mario

Wheels: Standard

Glider: Super Glider

If previous best time is beaten it must be verified by MLSC Committee member before next attempt takes place.


Alternative prize will be provided for under 18’s if alcoholic prize is won. Rules subject to change.